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Kunj Enterprise is known as leading high pressure blower supplier and exporter in India. High pressure blowers are useful for applications where high pressure is required with high system resistance. We can generate maximum pressure with the help of our high pressure blowers for the use of different industrial applications. For the generation of high pressure, usually centrifugal fans are used. Impeller with backward curve is used in centrifugal fans. We contain several type of high quality high pressure blowers with different size, shape and materials. They all provide different output and have different ranges of power. For the generation of higher pressure, high velocity is required. It can be generated by the use of drives, which are known as belt transmission and frequency converter. Belt transmission method is consider as more robust to suit hard core industrial application because there is no electrical components are used in it. Many type of pressure blowers are operated with this method. With the use of the velocity of impellers high pressure can be generated and they have high velocity. Our products are adjustable and energy saver. We can electronically control the velocity and frequency of blower. These energy efficient and wear free drive can be combined with coupling or direct drive. We are supplying turbo high pressure blowers for continuous industrial high pressure demand. For generating high velocity, these blowers can be operated with the frequency converters. Our some models of pressure blowers also contain two impellers to generate high pressure. Blades of both the impellers rotate in opposite direction. Impellers can be operated with the help of drive and they will be made of aluminium. For providing maximum stability, blower housing is made of aluminium casting. It is anti corrosive with powder coated and painted on the surface. Various other parts which can come in contact with the other medium such as impeller, blade and rotor are made up of steel. We cover variety of industrial and commercial performance range with the help of our high pressure blowers. They can generate very high air pressure and exclude various hazardous thermal or electrical risk factors. As a leading high pressure blower supplier in India, we welcome suggestion and feedback. Our primary job is to fulfil customer requirement by providing best quality, effective, durable, efficient high pressure blower at market competitive price.

Kunj Enterprise is medium pressure blower supplier and exporter in India. Our medium pressure blower provides performance between high pressure and low pressure blowers. These blowers are used for medium flow with medium resistance. We can supply several type of medium pressure blowers such as axial fans, centrifugal fans and radial fans. Impellers of our pressure blowers are curved made with steel or aluminium material, they can generate medium air flow and pressure. Our medium pressure blowers are come with belt drive, direct drive or coupling drive and operated by frequency converters depending as per type. We can also supply specially designed pressure blowers for all weathers. In these systems, aluminium or plastic is used to made impellers for different applications. Our medium pressure blowers are available in variety of materials to cover wide range of performance applications. Impeller housing have corrosion resistance properties and provide better stability. For making solid and durable housing aluminium material is used. Fans are also anti corrosive with paint and powder coating, they come with steel housing. Parts which can come in the contact with different outer medium are also made of steel. All steel parts are good resistant to corrosion. Anti explosive blowers are also available. They are made to perform in high thermal or electric environment with risk of explosion or in explosive environment. They are come with standard protection feature from explosion. We work to supply effective and durable medium pressure blowers. Our highly efficient blowers provide electricity saving and work silently. With the help of aerodynamic design, we have achieved lowest noise level with impeller balancing. Our blowers are very useful in various applications of air conditioning, different processes and for ventilation process. Our all blowers are made of best quality raw material and highly appreciated for providing continues effective performance. As a leading medium pressure blower supplier we can supply different range of pressure blowers. You can contact us to get expert suggestion or to get free quote about your desired medium pressure blowers. Supplying customized pressure blower is our daily work. So feel free to enquire about your desired medium pressure blowers at market leading price.